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Title Trivia – Pick a Perfect Title

Last night after writing until 2:30 in the morning, I lay in bed and started thinking about titles. Why? Because my writer’s brain never seems to turn off. I thought you might find it interesting to know what goes into deciding titles. Here goes.

When I wrote my first book, Love ’em or Leave ’em, the title was Reality Bites. Not after the movie, which I’ve sadly never seen, but because it’s about a girl who is stuck on a reality dating show and doesn’t want to be there. I thought it was the perfect, sassy title, but when it was picked up by Avalon Books, they changed the title to Love ’em or Leave ’em after the name I gave my fake reality dating show in the book. I instantly wished I’d thought of a catchier name for my fake dating show, but there it is.

Rock and a Hard Place was my next book and the title from almost the beginning. I always thought I’d change it, but I could never think of anything I liked better. Rock stands for Peter Jamieson and his rock music. And if you’ve read the book, you know that Hard Place is Libby’s life. She’s gone through so much and continues to throughout the book. I think this is probably my favorite title so far.

Snapshot is book two in the Jamieson Collection and features Adam Jamieson, the goofy younger brother who loves photography. Half the book is set at a photography camp and I thought Snapshot had some fun duel meanings.

Dream Chaser also has duel meanings. It’s about a girl, Willow, who is cast in a musical titled Dream Chaser along side a boy, Eli. It also represents the fact that Willow and Eli are both chasing their dreams. This is my favorite cover so far.

Snowed Over is a holiday novella. I really wanted to title it Snowed In because the two college students get stranded in a vacant cabin over Christmas, but that title has been used numerous times. So Snowed Over it is. Also a great cover!

Royally Lost is a fun one. I love the title and that the publisher didn’t want to change it. The girl in the story, Becca, tends to get lost. All the time. The guy, Nikolai, just happens to be a prince on the run. I felt Royally Lost was a fun play on words and their situation. And now that I think of it, this is probably my favorite cover.

My next book, which releases in May, 2015, is titled Under the Spotlight. It’s the third book in the Jamieson Collection and about the oldest brother Garrett. He’s a real piece of work and writing this book has been a blast. I found a great girl for him with the challenging Riley Parks. Originally I gave this book a working title of Sound Check, because Garrett and Riley meet at a recording studio, but over time, I felt that Under the Spotlight was a better fit because of her being forced to take the stage. The publisher was resistant to the change at first, but once they read the book, heartily agreed.

I’m currently working on two projects, one of which is a time travel. I think I’ve come up with the perfect title, but until the book is finished and finds a home, I’ll have to keep it under wraps. I hope you enjoyed my title trivia.


Royal Movies I Love

Doesn’t everyone have a secret desire to be royal or at least mix with the privileged class? I am always drawn to movies with a prince or princess, especially when the person is plucked out of their natural habitat like Princess Jasmine in Aladdin,


or is a commoner thrown into the world of the royal like in Princess Diaries and Prince and Me.princess diaries

There will always be a special interest in royalty and we have Disney to thank for keeping that dream alive, most recently with Frozen and the song Let it Go. Personally, I loved the Princess Protection Program with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. And how about the Prince of Persia with Jake Gyllenhal.


Oh yeah. I’m even a big fan of Chronicles of Narnia-Prince Caspian. Ben Barnes is very fun to watch.narnia-prince-caspian

And then there are the stories where the commoner pretends to be royal like in Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez impersonating British heiress Cordelia Winthrop Scott

So when an idea finally came to me on writing an American girl, Becca, who is miserable on a family trip to Europe, I knew exactly how to cheer her up. I brought in Prince Nikolai, but he’s had enough of his parents’ royal expectations and is on the run. Becca doesn’t know he’s a prince, and he’s enjoying the novelty of being a commoner. That is until his plan falls apart. Becca learns his real identity, and the palace guards have found him with plans to drag him home.

If you love stories with a royal flair, I hope you love Royally Lost as much as I loved writing it.

Release Day Random Thoughts

As most people on the planet know, today is the book birthday for Royally Lost. You may wonder what that means. Do authors spend the day celebrating? Do we put our feet up and eat chocolate all day in tribute to a job well done? Not quite.

I think I speak for a fair share of authors when I say that we fret in the days up to our book release, and even more on the day. Why? We’ve worked for many months, sometimes years on a book, put our heart and soul into it, and are terrified the world won’t love it as much as we do.

So how have I spent my time? I tried to plan my whole day away from my computer. I began with a pedicure. It turns out that the gal who did my pedi, Leah, is the same gal from over a year ago. She remembered me because we talked the whole time about youth hostels. Thanks to Leah, my research on hostels in Europe was a snap, and on the release of the book she helped with, I was back in her pedi chair. How wild is that?

With my toes cute and polished, I drove downtown to A Room of One’s Own where they are handling requests for autographed books. They have Snapshot and Rock and a Hard Place, too. I signed the book orders that had come in, so they can ship them out to the eager readers. That was very fun!

Afterwards, I hid out at the movie theater and watched the Grand Budapest Hotel as I gorged on overly buttered popcorn. It was a quirky movie with lots of stars. Fun, but far from a blockbuster. On my way home I stopped at two different garden centers and picked up my first plantings of the season. It’s 60 degrees today, balmy. Not. Putting my hands in soil is great therapy and distraction from checking rankings, reviews and social media.

Tonight I’m forcing my husband to take me out to dinner and later we’ll watch taped episodes of The Americans. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Love it!

As you see, I’m trying to keep my mind off the book. Still, I sneak peeks once in a while and tweet my thanks to bloggers and readers. What will I do tomorrow?

Start writing the next book, of course.


If you’ve read Royally Lost and enjoyed it, one of the nicest things you could do is write a short review on Amazon. This author would be forever grateful.



Royally Lost ~ Teaser #4

Only one week until release day! Here’s another sneak peek for you.

Nikolai opened his eyes, chilled, as a cloud blocked out the sun. Next to him, Becca slept, her hand curled in his. She smiled in relaxed slumber.

He gently released her hand and looked around. A couple of people lounged on the distant beach and a lone man sat in the sand with a camera aimed straight at him. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

Nikolai turned his back to the beach and nudged her. “Becca!”

“Hmm?” She stirred.

“There’s a guy on the beach and I’m pretty sure he’s taking our picture.”

Her eyes sprang open. “What?” She sat up and spotted the man. “You think he’s paparazzi?”

“It sure isn’t a random tourist aiming a long lens at us. How the hell did he know I was here?” Nikolai slid on his shorts.

“Oh crud.” Becca grabbed her clothes and quickly pulled them on. “You think he’s been taking pictures of us sleeping?”

“That and more. Lord only knows how long he’s been here.” He didn’t notice him when they were in the water, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t been lurking in the trees, snapping pictures.

Nikolai stuffed their leftover lunch items into his backpack. How did this camera-wielding jerk find him?

Dressed, with everything packed up, they headed for the motorbike. Their path unfortunately forced them to pass the creep with the camera. Nikolai pulled his baseball cap low and hid behind his sunglasses. He led the way with Becca’s hand firmly in his.

“Prince Nikolai, why did you run from the palace?” The photographer, a short, heavyset man with cameras strapped across his chest moved closer.

Nikolai picked up the pace, but the man stayed with them, walking backward and snapping pictures. This was no official appearance where Nikolai owed the press a friendly smile and kind word.

“Do your parents know where you are?”

He ignored him.

“Your friend is beautiful. Is she the reason you fled? What’s her name?”

Nikolai bristled and fought the urge to shove the man to the ground and bust his camera. He glanced at Becca, her face pink with embarrassment. She didn’t need to be targeted by this oily loser.

“Have you heard that your sister, Princess Alexi, has gone missing?”

Nikolai hesitated for an instant, but then hurried on. The man was lying. He was sure of it, and he wouldn’t let this vile intruder ruin their day.

They reached the bike. He hurried and strapped on the pack and hopped on. Becca climbed up, hugging him from behind. Nikolai liked the feel of her body secure against his. It made him feel better able to protect her.

The photographer kept snapping pictures and wouldn’t back off. “There are rumors that you have renounced the throne,” he baited.

Nikolai stiffened, but didn’t give him the satisfaction of a reaction. He started the engine.

“Where are you going next?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Nikolai grinned, revved the engine, and spun gravel as they raced away.


Royally Lost releases May 6th and is available for pre-order now.

Royally Lost ~ Teaser #3

Three weeks until release day! Here’s a sneak peek at Becca and Nikolai at a lake in Germany on a hot day.

The hot sun burned down on Becca. “The lake is so clear I can see all the way to the bottom. I wish I’d worn my swimsuit.”

“You could . . . you know,” Nikolai said suggestively, looking at her shirt.

“I am not skinny-dipping, so you can wipe that idea from your mind right now.”

“Look who’s jumping to conclusions. I wasn’t suggesting you skinny-dip.” He delivered a sly grin. “What I was about to say is that you could swim in your underwear.”

“Oh, but—”

“Ut.”He held up a finger. “Let me finish. Your underwear probably covers you more than your bathing suit anyway.”

Becca opened her mouth to speak, but then changed her mind. She knew he was secretly laughing at her.

“What? It’s a great idea.” He smiled devilishly.

“So, you’re saying you’d strip down to your undies, right here, in broad daylight.”

Nikolai stood and reached between his shoulders, pulled his T-shirt over his head, and dropped it at her feet. “You Americans are so uptight about your bodies.”

Becca stared at his strong arms, lean physique, and flat stomach. He began to unbutton his shorts.

Her jaw opened. She wanted to tell him to stop, but even more, she wanted to see if he’d actually drop his drawers in front of her.

He did.


Royally Lost releases May 6th and is available for pre-order now.

Royally Lost ~ Teaser #2

Four weeks and counting for the release of Royally Lost. I’m so excited for everyone to get a chance to read it! Here’s a short peek of Becca learning Nikolai’s true identity.

“So how was your date with Nikolai?”

Becca glared at her brother, Dylan.

“Uh-oh. Did he stand you up?” Dylan held a rolled-up magazine.

She frowned, frustrated that she’d been so easily played. “Yeah, you could say that.”

“This might explain why.” Dylan held the magazine under her face, forcing her to look at the glossy picture of a guy who looked exactly like Nikolai.

She took the magazine and examined it closer. Her breath caught in her throat. “That’s Nikolai!”

She’d recognize him anywhere. She couldn’t read the foreign headline, but it ended with an exclamation point. “Dylan, where did you find this?”

He grimaced and shrugged. “It was at every newspaper stand I saw today.”

“Why is he on the cover? Did he do something wrong?” She paged through the magazine, holding her breath. Confusion turned to shock when she saw a two-page spread filled with pictures of Nikolai.

Nikolai at the beach; a picture of him playing polo; a picture of him in a tuxedo with a girl wearing a glittering gown. Then Becca’s eyes landed on a formal picture of Nikolai in uniform, with a sword at his belt, standing next to a young girl. A stern man and austere woman sat in gilded chairs; both adults wore crowns.

Her jaw dropped open.

“Why is Nikolai in that picture with people wearing crowns? Who is he?” she asked. Her heart pumped so fast she could feel the blood pulse through her temples. “And why did he lie about his identity?”


Royally Lost available May 6th.

Royally Lost ~ It’s Teaser Time!

Royally Lost releases in five weeks. Here is a short teaser of Prince Nikolai and Becca meeting on the streets of Vienna.

“So, what are you doing here in Vienna?” Becca asked.

Nikolai slid his hands in his pockets as they walked; there was suddenly a lightness in his step. “I’m on sort of a holiday.” The last two days had been so relaxing. No scheduled appearances, no royal advisors, and no cameras.

“Sort of a holiday? What does that mean?”

“Well,” he sighed, trying to decide how to explain it without actually telling her. “Long story short, I took off without my parents’ permission.”

“Really? I wish I had the guts to do that.”

“I don’t recommend it. There’ll be hell to pay when they catch up with me.”

“Your parents don’t know where you are?” Becca brushed a lock of silky hair behind her ear, revealing her sun-kissed cheek.

“Not yet. I figure they’re giving me a couple days of freedom before they try to track me down and order me home, but that’s not going to happen.” At least he hoped they hadn’t already sent a palace security detail after him.

Becca laughed. “No? Why is that?”

“Because I’m living off the grid, you know, like Jason Bourne.”

“Are you telling me you’re an international spy or, oh no, an assassin?” She feigned a shocked expression.

“Hardly. I’m just another derelict kid avoiding family responsibilities and disappointing my parents.”

He wondered what she’d think if he confessed he was the Prince of Mondovia and had run away like a spoiled child.

Royally Lost releases May 6th and is available for pre-order now.

Be creative and win and ARC of Royally Lost!

The release of Royally Lost is just around the corner and I’m so excited for you all to read it. But if you’d like a sneak peek and your own autographed Advanced Reader Copy, here’s your chance to win one. You know all those snazzy book promos out there with fun quotes and awesome pics? That’s what I’m looking for. Design a photo quote for the book, tag me, and post it on my FB page, or my twitter feed.

Here is what should be included in your picture or collage. Royally Lost by Angie Stanton   May 6, 2014

Then include one of the quotes below:

#1) “I must say, I rather like kissing a prince.” ~ Becca

#2)  “I thought I was running away, but it turns out I was running to you. You’ve made my life worth living again, and now I have to leave you.” ~ Prince Nikolai

#3) “Becca, you’ve mesmerized me into following you across four countries.” ~ Prince Nikolai

#4) “If you worry about the future and dwell upon the past, you can’t enjoy the present.” ~ Royally Lost

#5)  “She’s lost, he’s on the run, their lives change forever

#6)  A vacation in Europe, a runaway prince, a trip you’ll never forget

#7)  Once upon a time, in a land far away… Royally Lost

#8) An American girl, meets a young prince, and gets Royally Lost

There you go! Get creative and post away. I’d love to see what you come up with. I’ll select the top winners on Friday, March 28th. The more entries, the more winners I’ll select.


Due to high shipping costs, international entrants will receive an e-copy of the book on release day, instead of an ARC.



Diana Alverez!

To see the teaser she designed and all the others, go to Angie Stanton Author.

What’s Up Wednesday – My Life as a Writer

I’m terrible at blogging. I think of things to blog about at random times and then totally forget them an hour later. So rather than try to come up with some snappy little story to tell, I thought I’d let you know what I’m up to.

  • Today I’m working on what I affectionately, and boringly, call Garrett’s book. It has a working title, but I no longer like it, and my publisher doesn’t like any of the new titles I’ve suggested. So until further notice, it’s Garrett’s book. As of now it’s about 50,000 words, which is really good, except that it’s very, very, very rough. So lots of work and about 20,000 more words before I turn it in next Spring.
  • My next book, Royally Lost, releases on May 6, 2014. It’s available for pre-sale on Amazon now. I’m working with a publicist to help get the world out. So starting the first of the year, you can start expecting sneak peeks and excerpts. It’s a really fun book, and I’m so excited for readers to see it. It’ll be my first new book out in about 18 months! Yikes! Can’t let that happen again.
Releases May 6, 2014!

Releases May 6, 2014!

  • I’ve been seeing lots of new reviews for Rock and a Hard Place and Snowed Over. Thank you! A positive review on Amazon is one of the best ways you can support an author. The other is to tell everyone you know to read the author’s books!
  • Last week I did my first school visit to East High School in Madison. The students were really nice, and considering I was flying by the seat of my pants, I think it went well. My daughter informed me that next time I should bring candy to give away. Great idea. I’m not above bribing people.
  • This Saturday I’ll be participating on a self-publishing panel at our new library in downtown Madison. I’ve meant to get there and check it out, but it’s so cold out, 7 degrees, that I haven’t wanted to go out. I’ve never done a workshop like this before, so lots of new experiences.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!