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What’s Up Wednesday – My Life as a Writer

I’m terrible at blogging. I think of things to blog about at random times and then totally forget them an hour later. So rather than try to come up with some snappy little story to tell, I thought I’d let you know what I’m up to.

  • Today I’m working on what I affectionately, and boringly, call Garrett’s book. It has a working title, but I no longer like it, and my publisher doesn’t like any of the new titles I’ve suggested. So until further notice, it’s Garrett’s book. As of now it’s about 50,000 words, which is really good, except that it’s very, very, very rough. So lots of work and about 20,000 more words before I turn it in next Spring.
  • My next book, Royally Lost, releases on May 6, 2014. It’s available for pre-sale on Amazon now. I’m working with a publicist to help get the world out. So starting the first of the year, you can start expecting sneak peeks and excerpts. It’s a really fun book, and I’m so excited for readers to see it. It’ll be my first new book out in about 18 months! Yikes! Can’t let that happen again.
Releases May 6, 2014!

Releases May 6, 2014!

  • I’ve been seeing lots of new reviews for Rock and a Hard Place and Snowed Over. Thank you! A positive review on Amazon is one of the best ways you can support an author. The other is to tell everyone you know to read the author’s books!
  • Last week I did my first school visit to East High School in Madison. The students were really nice, and considering I was flying by the seat of my pants, I think it went well. My daughter informed me that next time I should bring candy to give away. Great idea. I’m not above bribing people.
  • This Saturday I’ll be participating on a self-publishing panel at our new library in downtown Madison. I’ve meant to get there and check it out, but it’s so cold out, 7 degrees, that I haven’t wanted to go out. I’ve never done a workshop like this before, so lots of new experiences.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!