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Deadlines and a Little Bit of Crazy

It’s done. Almost.

On Demand!The third book in the Jamieson Collection, the one about Garrett and his latest antics, is days from being turned in to my publisher, HarperTeen. I’ve been thinking about this book for over a year and writing it for eight months. I wish I wrote faster, but it takes as long as it takes.

I promised Garrett’s book (I call it that because I no longer like the working title I gave the publisher) to my editors next week. But now in these last hours, I’m getting a little bit cray-cray over when to actually send it to them.

I should have my final copy ready by the end of Monday, but if I send it Monday night, my editors probably won’t read it right away.

Tuesday is April Fool’s Day, so I really don’t want to send it then because I fear it will somehow be taken as a joke.

Wednesday is Hump Day. Who wants more work unloaded on them on Hump Day?

Thursday is close to the weekend, so if I send it then, I’ll just have to wait that extra day for them to read it and tell me what they think.

I could send it on Friday, but then do I need to keep laboring over the manuscript the whole week? What if I ruin the book by over analyzing every sentence, page, and scene?

As you see, this is serious, hard-core decision making. Maybe I’m losing my grip on reality by even thinking of all this. Perhaps I need a vacation. YES! But I’m not getting one for a while. So I will comb through the pages all weekend long and labor over when to send in my new baby.

The good news is that for all those people asking and begging for Garrett’s book, it is truly happening!

Garrett’s Book releases May 2015.

In the meantime, watch for Royally Lost on May 6, 2014!