Fun with Food in the Deep Freeze – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

That’s right! Baby it’s cold outside. So cold my dogs won’t go out any more. Not sure how that’ll work out later tonight.


Today temps have been in the negative double digits all day, and while I should have been working on edits to the third book in the Jamieson Collection. Yay, Garrett! You have a book! I kept popping in and out of my chair to see how long it took different foods to freeze. Check out some of my fun.

Raw bacon before.

Raw Bacon

Raw bacon after twenty minutes at -17 degrees.

Bacon frozen

Leftover spaghetti before.

 Cooked Spaghetti

Leftover spaghetti after five minutes at -17 degrees.

Frozen spaghetti

A glass of milk without the glass. This one took an hour.


Ketchup and Mustard took a long time to freeze.


And my favorite. A raw egg after ten minutes at -12 degrees.

Raw Egg


And now I’m in the mood for a good book to cuddle up with. How about Snowed Over?


3 thoughts on “Fun with Food in the Deep Freeze – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Chanpreet

    That’s so cool! The food freezing and not the temperature although that’s really, really cold! It only got to 5 degrees in Atlanta and while the thought of playing around with how long it took food to freeze didn’t pop into my head, I will remember it for next time.

    And I’m very excited about Garrett’s book!

    1. angiestanton Post author

      Haha! No! I have a working title, but I no longer like it. I’ve been calling it Garrett’s Book. Not very original. 🙂

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