Don’t Call Me Greta: Stolen At Birth

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Writing this book was a true emotional adventure. Greta/Piper is a strong, determined young lady with a drive to preserve the only family she’s known.

One of the fun aspects of writing is getting to put places I’ve visited into my stories. In this case, the tranquil cottage on an island in Canada is a real place (including the dog cemetery) that I’ve had the joy of visiting. There really is a dog cemetery and a turtle living under the dock, as well as an outhouse. Please enjoy a few photos of Piper and Finn’s secret hideaway.

Piper Winslow’s life is destroyed when her mother is arrested for kidnapping her as an infant. With her mom in jail and her real family about to reclaim her as Greta—her birth name—What can she do? Run, of course.

Despite close calls, dominating the headlines, and the adventure of a lifetime, Piper is discovered and returned to her real family, but not everyone is happy to see her.

Piper struggles to cope in her new life, and her new family that appears so perfect on the outside harbors secrets, and nothing is as it seems…

Will she ever be fully accepted?

Will she ever fit in?

Will they stop calling her Greta?