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Title Trivia – Pick a Perfect Title

Last night after writing until 2:30 in the morning, I lay in bed and started thinking about titles. Why? Because my writer’s brain never seems to turn off. I thought you might find it interesting to know what goes into deciding titles. Here goes.

When I wrote my first book, Love ’em or Leave ’em, the title was Reality Bites. Not after the movie, which I’ve sadly never seen, but because it’s about a girl who is stuck on a reality dating show and doesn’t want to be there. I thought it was the perfect, sassy title, but when it was picked up by Avalon Books, they changed the title to Love ’em or Leave ’em after the name I gave my fake reality dating show in the book. I instantly wished I’d thought of a catchier name for my fake dating show, but there it is.

Rock and a Hard Place was my next book and the title from almost the beginning. I always thought I’d change it, but I could never think of anything I liked better. Rock stands for Peter Jamieson and his rock music. And if you’ve read the book, you know that Hard Place is Libby’s life. She’s gone through so much and continues to throughout the book. I think this is probably my favorite title so far.

Snapshot is book two in the Jamieson Collection and features Adam Jamieson, the goofy younger brother who loves photography. Half the book is set at a photography camp and I thought Snapshot had some fun duel meanings.

Dream Chaser also has duel meanings. It’s about a girl, Willow, who is cast in a musical titled Dream Chaser along side a boy, Eli. It also represents the fact that Willow and Eli are both chasing their dreams. This is my favorite cover so far.

Snowed Over is a holiday novella. I really wanted to title it Snowed In because the two college students get stranded in a vacant cabin over Christmas, but that title has been used numerous times. So Snowed Over it is. Also a great cover!

Royally Lost is a fun one. I love the title and that the publisher didn’t want to change it. The girl in the story, Becca, tends to get lost. All the time. The guy, Nikolai, just happens to be a prince on the run. I felt Royally Lost was a fun play on words and their situation. And now that I think of it, this is probably my favorite cover.

My next book, which releases in May, 2015, is titled Under the Spotlight. It’s the third book in the Jamieson Collection and about the oldest brother Garrett. He’s a real piece of work and writing this book has been a blast. I found a great girl for him with the challenging Riley Parks. Originally I gave this book a working title of Sound Check, because Garrett and Riley meet at a recording studio, but over time, I felt that Under the Spotlight was a better fit because of her being forced to take the stage. The publisher was resistant to the change at first, but once they read the book, heartily agreed.

I’m currently working on two projects, one of which is a time travel. I think I’ve come up with the perfect title, but until the book is finished and finds a home, I’ll have to keep it under wraps. I hope you enjoyed my title trivia.


Happy Book Birthday

Today is the two year anniversary of the publication of Dream Chaser. So for a very short time, you can scoop it up on Amazon for just $0.99!

Dream Chaser

Willow Thomas’s life has never been normal. Her parents are modern day
hippies who throw paint and bake questionable brownies. Her little
sister wishes she were a vampire. And now, Willow has unexpectedly
landed the lead in a musical opposite her former best friend, Eli

Eli has changed since the summer night Willow abandoned him. Not only
has he grown in inches, but he possesses a new confidence, as well as a
giant chip on his gorgeous shoulders. Willow can’t keep her eyes off
him, not that she’d ever admit it. Eli doesn’t seem to suffer the same

Their director is talented Broadway choreographer, Tyson Scott, who loves
to mess with Willow and Eli’s undeniable chemistry. The other kids in
the show aren’t thrilled to see Willow, and they harass her to the point
she’s ready to go play in traffic. Add the world’s worst stage kiss and
Willow is in the eye of the perfect storm.

After a late night romp in the back of Eli’s car, the kiss is definitely
a two thumbs up, but now, just when Willow thinks she has life under
control, a curve ball comes at her in the form of her greatest fear.
Will she face the new challenge or take the easy way out and run for her
life? And will Eli be there to help or turn his back on her for good?